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Notify: New release of the aMSN plugin

A new release of the Notify plugin for aMSN is now available. You can download it on Changelog: Fix UTF8 detection, thanks to bardo Version 1.5... lire la suite

My first plugin for symfony

Hey, I just uploaded my first plugin for symfony ! This plugin is a simple wrapper for a jQuery Carousel found at lire la suite

Notify plugin for aMSN updated (1.3)

New version of my notify plugin for aMSN Changelog: Added "dash hack" :, thanks to nico@nc Re-enable sounds on events:... lire la suite

Plugin Notify for aMSN

Here is a new version of my plugin called Notify. Changelog : I was using wrong aMSN's preferences Fixed when the header is empty (setting "aMSN") This plugin replace aMSN's own notification system by using libnotify. It... lire la suite