Here is a new version of my plugin called Notify.

Changelog :

  • I was using wrong aMSN's preferences
  • Fixed when the header is empty (setting "aMSN")

This plugin replace aMSN's own notification system by using libnotify.

aMSN using Notify plugin

It actually support :

  • Display of your contact picture
  • Uses of aMSN's notify timeout
  • Uses aMSN's preferences for connection/disconnection/status changes/ events
  • Localization (in fact it uses aMSN's localization)

What's left to do :

  • Emails notification
  • Code cleanup

To make this plugin working you need :

  • libnotify1
  • libnotify-bin
  • An UTF-8 locale

Just extract the package in ~/.amsn/plugins/ and load the plugin through the plugin manager. No need to restart aMSN.

Warning: The Header option cannot be empty. If you do so, the header will be set to "aMSN".


Update1: Sorry, the link « Download here too ! » was broken.